Zoltán Gergely Nagy - Layers of the Carpathians


Forests that have been standing unchanged for centuries thanks to the remoteness, ruggedness and relative vastness of the Carpathians Mountains. Despite looking artificial to some, the layering of the tree species is completely natural, so the way the alpine zone, the mountain pines, the Norway spruce and the deciduous/mixed forests lie is dictated only by the climate and the soils.

The industrial revolution did far less harm to this mountain range than to many forested areas in Western Europe. Also, the steepness of many of its slopes has prevented large scale exploitation up until just recently. Here, the Ceahlau Mountains are a designated national park, but most of the forests span way beyond its borders and could be transformed forever. Surely, forests that have never been felled should be off limits to logging, in order to protect these areas right at the heart of Europe.

Location: Ceahlau Massif, Romania

Tags: Carpathians, Ceahlau, Romania, virgin forest, winter, Zoltan Gergely Nagy

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  1. Iker said:

    07/01/2015 01:39

    Beautiful composition, Zoltán!

  2. Patty Maxwell said:

    08/01/2015 21:13

    Reminds me of the terrain here in Northern British Columbia, Canada. I doubt you drove there, bravo!! Just beautiful!!