Alex Mustard - The Emperor’s New Clothes


A long time ago in a country far, far away there lived an emperor who cared so deeply about his appearance that his spend almost his entire fortune on clothes. He hired the best tailors in the land and tasked them to produce ever more elaborate outfits to impress his courtiers.

One day two conmen came to the kingdom and told the emperor that they could make him the most magnificent outfit from the a brand new material. The most expensive in the world. It was so amazing that it could tell if the viewer was intelligent or stupid and would only show itself to the cleverest. They explained to the emperor that appeared invisible to unintelligent. The emperor paid them a fortune to fashion him an outfit from this amazing new material. He must have the latest fashion.

The conmen returned to court a week later and presented the finished garment to the Emperor. “Isn’t it beautiful, Sire?” they said. The Emperor saw nothing, but not wanted to thought of as stupid he praised the beautiful colours of this new high fashion. He took of his clothes and put on the “new suit”, parading in front of the court completely naked.

Thanks to my friend Alex Tattersall for the loan of the Meyer Görlitz Trioplan 100mm for this photo of a defocused crinoid, or feather star.

Location: Raja Ampat, Indonesia

Tags: abstract, Alex Mustard, crinoid, indonesia, Oxycomanthus bennetti, Raja Ampat, underwater

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