Zoltán Gergely Nagy - Green Ocean


The temptation of fresh grasses and berries high up in the alpine zone of the Carpathian Mountains is perhaps too much for a lone bear as it emerges from its resting place despite the fact that sunset is still hours away. Towards the end of summer and in early autumn, it’s not too unusual to find bears out feeding at any time of the day high up in the alpine zone of mountains such as the Retezat, in the ‘sea’ of Mountain and Arrola Pine.

Location: Retezat, Romania

Tags: brown bear, Retezat National Park, Romania, summer, ursus arctos, wilderness, Zoltan Gergely Nagy

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  1. Bruno said:

    07/09/2014 19:20

    Nice one, Zoltan!!! It reminds me a lot of my beloved Tichá valley...

  2. Zoltan Nagy said:

    09/09/2014 11:57

    Thanks Bruno! I have yet to visit the Tatras, but I can imagine there are many similarities. :)