Oriol Alamany - untiled


That july I have been leading a photo trip to Uganda and Rwanda to watch and photograph the impressive Mountain Gorillas from the Virunga mountains. It has been an exciting experience as the gorillas where very confident and approached us despite the 7 meters minimum distance rule that all the visitors know. But it seems that nobody explained that rule to the gorillas themselves so sometimes they went very close to our cameras.

Location: Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda

Tags: Africa, animal, dark, eyes, forest, gorilla, mammal, mountain, national, oriol alamany, park, primate, Rwanda, vertebrate, virunga, volcanoes

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  1. Nuria said:

    25/08/2014 12:19

    Nice... wild soul, sweet soul

  2. Victor Escuin said:

    25/08/2014 14:14

    An exceptional photography, the mode in which you've captured the look, the play of lights and shadows, is a gorgeus jewel

  3. Adolfo Díez said:

    26/08/2014 01:53

    Wonderful portrait