Alex Mustard - Threading The Needle


The title of this image comes from taking the picture rather than content of the frame. The blue sea squirt is about 4cm tall and living inside it is a tiny amphipod. Trying to line up this photo was exceedingly difficult, not only because I was trying to focus on a tiny subject, while floating (and therefore constantly moving) next to the reef wall this sea squirt was growing out of. But also because I had to line up the camera so that it could see in through the aperture of the sea squirt. Lots of fun, though.

Coral reefs are always fascinating places to dive. Biodiversity is off the scale and the interrelationships between so many different kinds of animals are as fascinating as they are endless.

Location: Anilao, Philippines

Tags: Alex Mustard, amphipod, Anilao, Philippines, Rhopalaea sp, sea squirt

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