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An aggregation of tiny isopods (Santia spp.) living on the surface of a blue sponge (Haliclona sp.), there are two colour varieties and they could well be different species – I am not sure if there are any described species of this type of animal. One of the things I love about the ocean is that there is life everywhere and the closer you look the more you see. This whole photo is just over 1cm across and the bugs are super small about 800 microns (0.8mm) for the big ones.

If you are a real geek, you will also spot a handful of smaller copepods on the surface of the sponge, which are more transparent. These are about 200-300 microns in size. This is the maximum magnification I can shoot with good quality underwater!

Location: Anilao, Philippines

Tags: Alex Mustard, Anilao, isopods, Philippines, Santia spp

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  1. Frederik said:

    28/06/2014 14:02

    Beautiful colour combination. Thank you very much for sharing this tiny world most of us will never see.

  2. Aggie said:

    21/07/2014 01:35

    This photo is amazing. It looks almost 3D.

  3. Aggie said:

    21/07/2014 01:36

    This photo is amazing. It's almost 3D.