Alex Mustard - Nemo


A female pink anemonefish guards her eggs laid under the tentacles of her a sea anemone home. Despite having long lost count of the number of photos I have taken of anemonefish, I still love aiming my camera at them and trying to tell their story. They never stay still for a moment, so it is actually quite a challenge to produce really compelling images. This picture shows the instant that this one paused momentarily, as it raced over the top of the anemone and on seeing me put on the brakes (putting its fins out like this to stop its progress through the water).

Wide angle macro is becoming increasingly popular in nature photography on land and it is a technique that is well suited to underwater photography because the closer working distances are well suited to our murky world. It is well suited to anemonefish, allowing me to present both a portrait of the fish and also show its relationship with its anemone.

Location: Anilao, Philippines

Tags: Alex Mustard, Amphiprion perideraion, Anilao, Philippines, pink anemonefish, wide angle macro

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  1. Werner said:

    24/06/2014 11:27

    Rather Nemo's father, looking afraid ;)