Bruno D'Amicis - Out of darkness


At the end of an unsuccessful evening attempt to photograph badgers in a beechwood, darkness came and it was time to pack my stuff. In the extremely dim light then I could barely outline a small silhouette running up and down a tree few meters in front of me. I couldn’t figure out which animal it was, but as it briefly stopped on a branch, I tried to get it in focus manually and managed to take just two images at 1/4th sec at f/2,8 with 6400ISO before it disappeared. When I looked at sharp one of the two on the LCD I was happy to find a cute garden dormouse looking at me… Surprises of twilight hours…

Location: Abruzzo, Italy

Tags: abruzzo, beechwood, bruno damicis, eliomys quercinus, garden dormouse, spring

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