Bruno D'Amicis - Tropical ibex


In December 2013, I have fulfilled one of my dreams: visit the Simien Mountains of Ethiopia to photograph the endemic Walia ibex. Almost on the verge of extinction until just a decade ago, now this extremely endangered species is slowly recovering in its last stronghold along the steep escarpments of northern Ethiopia. Having spent a full days slowly following these obliging animals during their daily activity of feeding, walking, resting, walking, feeding, walking, resting I had soon all my CF full of many images, yet I felt I was missing the “sense of the place” in them. When one male was feeding behind a giant lobelia – beautiful and again endemic species to the highlands of Ethiopia, I fumbled around with my 500mm’s focusing ring and the apertures until “the” image appeared in front of me: I loved how the pointy and bright-colored leaves of this remarkable plant surrounded the shape of the ibex in such a nice way. It was a bit like seeing an animal that we usually connect to the icy world of the alpine peaks mixed with a unique tropical flavor… and try to give justice to the uniqueness and fragility of the amazing Ethiopian natural heritage.

Location: Ethiopia, Africa

Tags: Africa, bruno damicis, capra walie, ethiopia, giant lobelia, mountains, Simien, walia ibex, wilderness

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