Roy Mangersnes - The birth of ice


September 2013 I was at nearly 83 degrees north of Svalbard, further north then I have ever been before. For the first time I witnessed the creation of sea ice in the high Arctic Ocean. The first thin layer forms discs, and later more solid formations and dense pack ice. Unfortunately the birth of ice in 2013 was halted by prevailing south-easterly winds and high temperatures. Still, in March 2014 one can sail to the same latitude as we did in September. I wonder what the summer will bring.

Location: Arctic Ocean

Tags: Arctic, Climate, ice, roy mangersnes, svalbard

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  1. Nik said:

    02/03/2014 11:10

    A really unique picture, terrific light and detail.

  2. Werner said:

    03/03/2014 09:25

    Absolutely great!