Theo Bosboom - Mountain light


Last summer I was able to spend only one night high in the mountains. I was sleeping in the Totalphütte in Ratikon (Austria), climbing the Schesaplana the next morning. If you have only one night high up, you are really lucky if you are blessed with light like this! The sunset was amazing and I didn’t regret bringing my heavy photo gear all the way up.

Location: Plateau above Totalp hutte, Austria

Tags: alpenglow, alps, Austria, colours, mountains, Schesaplana, sunset, Theo Bosboom

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  1. Bruno said:

    26/02/2014 10:24

    Wow, Theo, and this beauty after just one night? Imagine if you'd spent one week! ;-)

  2. Nik said:

    26/02/2014 11:04

    Stunning shot. What amazing light.

  3. Theo said:

    26/02/2014 16:47

    Thanks guys!

    @Bruno: it would be great to spend more time there, I love the mountains (just like you), but probably I would not be so lucky as I was now

  4. Pol said:

    26/02/2014 23:57

    Fantastic light! It is always rewarding to sleep up high, but this is exceptional.