Zoltán Gergely Nagy - Gift


A Northern Gannet returning to its nest with some fresh nesting material. Picking it up from the sea is usually a lot more challenging than just stealing it from the neighbors.

By the end of February, the first gannets will have already returned to the island of Bass Rock in preparation for their breeding season. The contest to spot the first gannet landing in front of the webcams of the Scottish Seabird Center is still on for 2014.

Location: Bass Rock, Scotland

Tags: Morus bassanus, Northern Gannet, scotland, Zoltan Gergely Nagy

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  1. Werner said:

    22/02/2014 11:05

    Blind flight - funny ;)

  2. Nik said:

    24/02/2014 10:34

    That certainly looks like it is flying blind!

    Great capture. Superb detail.

  3. MartinJ said:

    25/02/2014 02:27

    Now thats flying blind!