Bruno D'Amicis - Morning in the Sahara


The vast Sahara seems devoid of life. An endless stretch of nothing – a desert, indeed… 😉
One can literally spend days roaming it and the only things will see are some scant bushes, a few vary lizards, rare small birds and lot of tracks which reveal what really happens there at night.
In the fossil silence, sometimes resounds the cry of a brown-necked raven, a wise-looking bird that seems to keep everything under control. On a crisp winter morning, as I was standing atop
on a high dune photographing the glorious colors, one raven flew by, checking me out and perched exactly on the very strongest corner of my previous composition.
I only had to reframe a little with my zoom lens and shoot. We looked at each other for a few instants and it flew away. I deeply savored that magic coincidence.
The Sahara seems empty, but is a generous desert. Everyday there is a little gift for you – you only have to see it.

Location: Grand Erg Oriental, Africa

Tags: Africa, bruno damicis, colors, corvus ruficollis, dunes, raven, sahara, sunrise, winter

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  1. Andreas Held said:

    20/02/2014 09:54

    Hi Bruno,

    another fantastic shot of an animal in it's environment. When I saw the picture I thougt (before reading your comment): That also would have worked without the raven. Superb colors and structrures. But with the raven it is really perfect.

  2. Bruno said:

    21/02/2014 12:17

    Many thanks, dear Andreas!