Werner Bollmann - Clowns in the snow


End of March the puffins arrive at the seabird-colonies in Northern Norway. At that time the snow still covers their breeding burrows, but they already start with their courtship display and sometimes you can watch them seriously fighting for the best places. It is a strange experience to see these cute and funny looking birds showing such an aggressive behaviour. Obviously there is always a sore temptation to humanize animal behaviour or appearance …

Location: Norway

Tags: Atlantic, coast, fratercula arctica, puffin, puffins, seabird, seabirds, snow, werner bollmann

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  1. Bruno said:

    20/02/2014 10:21

    Dear Werner, I love as the two colors, white in the FG and blue in the BG merge along the lines of the graphic puffins. I find this image appealing both on a visual level than on an intellectual one. Treasure it: it is a masterpiece!