Bruno D'Amicis - Like a samurai


Inspired by the several beautiful images of Long-tailed ducks posted here on the Nature Photo Blog, I would also like to share an “oldie” of this stunning species, among my most favorite birds. When I was still living in Germany, I devoted a winter trip to the Baltic Sea, off the coasts of RĂ¼gen and Greifswald in Germany to attempt to portray the beauty of this northern duck. On this occasion, the misty and dreary day, the oil-like calm surface of the Baltic, the call of thousands of wintering ducks made the setting for this preening drake. The frozen moment, with the bird peering from behind its famous tail, made me think a bit of a Japanese samurai wielding its long “katana” sword…

Location: Baltic Sea coast, Germany

Tags: baltic, bruno damicis, Clangula hyemalis, duck, germany, long tailed, sea, winter

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