Sven Začek - In your face!


A picture I always wanted to take, I imagined something like this when I started out as a nature photographer. Of course back then I had a vision of an eagle coming down and capturing a snowshoe hare. I still have that vision from talks with local hunters, who had found a dead Golden Eagle with a snowshoe hare in it’s one talon and it’s other talon was stuck in tree, which it must have used to break for landing. That must have been quite a sight if anyone was there to witness the live event. Anyway, after 10 years I have to do with a picture of ravens teasing each other. I accept this happily 🙂 and keep crossing my fingers for an eagle and hare.

Location: Estonia.

Tags: corvus corax, estonia, fighting, kaaren, raven, ronk, sven zacek

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  1. Bruno D'Amicis said:

    18/01/2014 22:08

    Very, very cool one, Sven! Keep on dreaming, it will come!