Luciano Gaudenzio - wild dolomites


Vajont lake just after an intense snowfall.
I would like to wish you all a great 2014 with the words of dear writer friend Michele Zanetti (from my latest book): “….here, however, the landscape and light seem crystallized in the memory of recent tragedies (Link) and water comes to symbolize meditative sacredness and evocative silence, like an eternal warning against man’s blameful and dramatic superficiality

Tags: dolomites, luciano gaudenzio, snow, snowfall

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  1. harma said:

    06/01/2014 12:49

    So beautiful...

  2. A. said:

    06/01/2014 18:12

    Erto e Casso. Provincia di Pordenone, regione Friuli, Italia. Dolomiti friulane :-)

  3. Stefan Gerrits said:

    06/01/2014 21:06

    Wow, this is extremely beautiful. Jaw dropping.

  4. Carsten Fischer said:

    08/02/2014 07:53