Werner Bollmann - Soulful Eyes


Harp Seal pups are perfectly adapted to the harsh conditions of their icy nursery. Their coat is filled with air to keep them warm and its colour offers perfect camouflage in this white world. Nevertheless, this doesn’t help them too much when tens of thousands are killed by seal hunters every late winter. So this could be the last soulful glance a hunter gets until he smashes the little head with a club …

Location: Québec, Canada

Tags: canada, harp seal, ice, pack ice, phoca groenlandica, quebec, seal, snow, werner bollmann, White

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  1. Gunilla said:

    19/12/2013 08:48


  2. harma said:

    19/12/2013 15:23

    So beautiful......I hope this image will turn around the word,to let people know the truth about hunting of these poor animals...

  3. Johan Van Hoof said:

    19/12/2013 21:27

    A stunning and powerful portrait !

    Like you work !

  4. Alex Mustard said:

    20/12/2013 18:09

    What a beauty!

  5. Werner said:

    21/12/2013 18:38

    Thank you so much for your nice comments! A peaceful christmas time to all of you...