Alex Mustard - Salmon Run


Salmon are amazing animals. Born in rivers, they migrate to the oceans, where there live and grow for a handful of years before navigating and fighting their way back up stream to the waters of their birth to spawn and die. For me just staying still in the surging torrent of the Adams River was challenge enough. It gave me a real respect for the monumental effort of these fish who were already a 1000km upstream from the ocean.

Spawning time for these sockeye salmon is October, as you can probably tell from the autumnal colours in the trees. Within a few weeks, these fish will have fought for territories, spawned and died. Their rotting bodies don’t make for the most pleasant odour, but they are important for kick starting a whole food chain of micro-organisms and small invertebrates, that in turn provide food for the salmon’s babies, when their eggs hatch. Photo taken under licence.

Location: British Columbia, Canada

Tags: Alex Mustard, canada, freshwater, migration, Oncorhynchus nerka, sockeye salmon

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