Luciano Gaudenzio - in the mist


Larche trees in the mist.

Location: Carnia, Italy

Tags: autumn, italy, larch, luciano gaudenzio

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  1. Mary said:

    06/11/2013 15:08

    Sublime! Come ricami nella nebbia.

  2. Stefan Gerrits said:

    06/11/2013 17:10

    Stunning Autumn image.

  3. Tony said:

    06/11/2013 18:23

    Beautiful composition. Really stunning. I lovethe subtle yellow surrounded by mist. Absolutely beautiful.

  4. LK said:

    08/11/2013 00:42

    Simply: this is one of the best landscape photos I've ever seen!

  5. Carsten Fischer said:

    08/02/2014 07:55