Bruno D'Amicis - Spirit guide


No need for me to repeat the big role Apennine chamois plaid in my career as nature photographer. Of many things I love about them one is surely the fact that to photograph chamois one has to hike to their mountain habitat. Therefore, these animals, as a spirit guide, led me to the most secluded, remote, pristine and spectacular corners of my beloved Apennines mountains. To witness the world as a chamois might do is one of the great privileges of mountain photography.

Location: Abruzzo, Italy

Tags: abruzzi, apennine chamois, apennines, autumn, bruno damicis, endangered, mountains, rupicapra pyrenaica ornata

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  1. Zoltan Nagy said:

    20/10/2013 20:26

    Such a powerful image! The chamois really gives scale to the landscape. Top drawer Bruno!

  2. Johan Van Hoof said:

    29/10/2013 19:21


    Neat image ! Wonderful animal, nice landscape and wonderful light. It all comes together for sure. I really like to photograph chamois myself and therefore I have already visited the Vosges several times.

    Take care