Alex Mustard - Spring Time


Yes, I know that it is the Autumn. I am talking about the other type of spring – the sort that gushes out fresh water. I took this photo in the early morning in the chilly waters of Three Sister’s Spring in Florida. People often think Florida is always hot. it is not. The best time of year to see manatees is on the coldest days of winter, when the manatees swim in from the ocean and into the freshwater springs, in the northern part of the State, to keep warm. It was so cold on this morning, that I had to scrap ice of the windscreen of my rental car!
But I am very glad I did get in the water. The manatees are wonderful, and the scenery was pretty fantastic too. This photo was taken with my fisheye lens, looking up through the smooth surface of the spring to the trees above.

Location: Florida, USA

Tags: Alex Mustard, freshwater, USA

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  1. Stefan Gerrits said:

    13/10/2013 13:35

    Interesting beautiful shot, and top info attached to it!