Bruno D'Amicis - King of the heat


Only during the central hours of the hottest days of the year, one can hope to surprise a desert monitor out of its burrow in the Sahara. Usually, one shall be content just of finding on the sand the ubiquitous tracks left by this restless reptile, which reveal the vastness of its territory. Once approached on foot, this very large lizard usually runs very fast, away from the intruder. Sometimes, though, this proud animal doesn’t escape at all and instead comes straight to you, head down… On such a rare occasion, its 1,5 meters of length, a muscular tail that flashes like a whip and a bite that one will never forget, made it immediately clear who was the real “King of the Heat”!

Location: Grand Erg Oriental, Africa

Tags: Africa, bruno damicis, desert monitor, reptile, sahara, sand, varanus griseus

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  1. Frederik said:

    05/10/2013 08:07

    wow, really looks intimidating

  2. Stefan Gerrits said:

    05/10/2013 09:36

    Thanks for sharing the information. Should be done more... Sure many are interested in the story behind the photo.

  3. Sergio Zanganelli said:

    06/10/2013 16:07

    Concordo con l'importanza della descrizione nel contesto della foto. In questa si sente il calore che emana dalla sabbia e la potenza dell'animale.