Theo Bosboom - Landmannalaugar colours


If you are in Landmannalaugar (Iceland) you should definitely climb Blahnukur mountain to watch the sunset or sunrise. It is a steep climb and it is often very windy up there, but the views into the Fjallabak area are amazing and if you are lucky you are blessed with wonderful warm light that make the colours of the rhyolite mountains even more intense.

Location: Landmannalaugar, Iceland

Tags: Fjallabak, Iceland, interior, Landmannalaugar, mountains, rhyolite, sunset, Theo Bosboom

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  1. Jost Stergarsek said:

    26/08/2013 08:39

    surreal ... i want to see Iceland in person someday but until then i will keep feeling it through images like yours! love it!

  2. Adolfo DÍEZ said:

    26/08/2013 12:29

    Wonderful colours Theo, great landscape!

  3. David Guimaraes said:

    26/08/2013 19:25

    Just beautifull! Just Beautifull!