Oriol Alamany - The forest edge


That july day we wake up early in the morning in a mountain hut to begin a long hike in my beloved Aigüestortes i estany de Sant Maurici National Park. We would like to photograph some alpine tarns, so we climbed until we reached the edge of the Mountain Pine (Pinus uncinata) subalpine forest. Beyond that there was the kingdom of the alpine wildflowers, the chamois, the stoats and the ptarmigans. With the morning fog and the last trees shaped by the snow and wind the alpine tree line was something magical and I took several pictures there before climbing more.

Location: Aigüestortes i estany de Sant Maurici National Park, Pyrenees, Spain

Tags: aiguestortes, catalonia, De, estany, europe, fog, lleida, maurici, mist, national, oriol alamany, park, pines, Pyrenees, sant, silhouette, Spain

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