Oriol Alamany - Arctic Water


A wave of water follows our vessel on the Barents Sea

Location: Svalbard Islands, Norway

Tags: Arctic, barents, europe, oriol alamany, sea, spitzbergen, svalbard, water, wave

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  1. markus said:

    10/08/2013 15:28

    Cool! Amazing water lines.

  2. markus said:

    10/08/2013 15:28

    Wow, nice water lines.

  3. Julie Monteith said:

    10/08/2013 15:41

    Beautiful photo - would Mr. Alamany give me permission to upload this photo to my Facebook page please? Thanking you - Julie Monteith

  4. Oriol Alamany said:

    12/08/2013 14:22

    Hi Julie, you can link the photo to your page. But not download the picture and then upload to your page. Thank you

  5. Katherine Witty said:

    26/08/2013 10:01

    amazing, impressive, WOW!

  6. Katherine Witty said:

    26/08/2013 10:01


  7. canvas printing said:

    12/09/2013 13:22

    stunning pictre i love pictures of water its the only thing that always stays the same but never looks the same twice