Emmanuel Boitier - The tree flowers


Pasque flowers in black and white on a calcareous grassland in Burgundy.

Location: Burgundy, France

Tags: B W, bourgogne, france, pasque flower, pulsatilla vulgaris

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  1. Jost Stergarsek said:

    30/07/2013 08:07

    they are beautiful ... even without colour :)

  2. Estorbin said:

    30/07/2013 12:39

    Beautiful, great shot

  3. Matt Tilghman said:

    30/07/2013 16:52

    What great technique! You've turned these flowers into a stellar photograph!

  4. Susan said:

    30/07/2013 21:48

    What more do you need? Three flowers are enough! Beautiful!

  5. Emmanuel said:

    02/08/2013 13:49


  6. lichtgrau said:

    07/08/2013 20:26

    indeed - beautiful in black/white