Alex Mustard - Big Mouth


This large super male napoleon wrasse (super male means he started life as a female, but is now a extra large, dominant male) was forraging on the reef while I was photographing him. Suddenly he turned towards me and yawned in a classic threat display. I was slightly concerned for a second, as I’ve never seen any aggression from this species, until I realised that there was another large male behind me and moments later this fellow raced off in pursuit, keen to drive the intruder from his territory.

Location: Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

Tags: Alex Mustard, Cheilinus undulatus, coral reef, egypt, napoleon wrasse, red sea, underwater

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  1. Iker said:

    13/07/2013 20:28

    I can see it coming out of my screen!! BEAUTIFUL, Alex!! :-)