Theo Bosboom - Wild flower impression


By now you might probably know that I love to experiment with my photography. By exploring the boundaries of nature photography, I feel I can get more exciting and creative images than when I just keep on trying to document nature as good as possible. Of course it means that for some people the results are too abstract or even unnatural. Tell me what you think of this picture! The ‘making off’ is told hereunder.

On an early morning in May 2011, I was out in the field taking pictures of poppies and other flowers. Suddenly it started raining cast and dogs. I continued shooting, but after a while I was completely soaked and decided to get back to the car. On my walk back I passed a bus shelter. Through the wet glass I looked at the flower field behind it and suddenly I saw the possibility of a nice impressionistic picture of the poppies (papaver rhoeas) and vipers bugloss (echium vulgare). I took a long lens (300 mm + converter) and tried several apertures and compositions. The water streams on the glass perfectly mix the colours of the flowers and the result looks more like a painting than a picture.

Location: The Netherlands

Tags: abstract, flowers, Holland, impression, meadow, poppies, poppy, the Netherlands, Theo Bosboom, water

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  1. Adolfo Díez said:

    11/07/2013 11:08

    it look like a watercolor. I like when photography take painting techniques, merging of the colors is really interesting and aesthetic.

  2. Martin Stevens said:

    11/07/2013 20:41

    I think this is a very nice example of "out of the box' photography. I'm unsure what would happen if the biggest red flower would be a little more 'up' towards the horizontal mid-line. I think the sharpness of the raindrops on the window make this picture complete. Very nice to look at, nice vivid colours. I want more :)