Werner Bollmann - Born To Dive


Red-Throated Divers are usually breeding on very small ponds which don’t offer suitable food for them. So they have to fly to bigger lakes in the surrounding to go fishing. These birds are completely adapted to a life on and under water. Their heavy bodies are as streamlined as their prey with feet so far rear that they work like a propeller while diving or when taking off for a flight. Walking on land is nearly impossible for them, so the nest is always built very close to the water, their true element.

By the way – I’ve been working for quite a while on a new project called “LYS – An intimate Journey to the North” together with my NPB-colleague Sandra Bartocha. We have created a FB-page, so you are invited to follow us there too…


Location: Sweden

Tags: diver, divers, forest, gavia stellata, Lake, red throated diver, reflection, water, werner bollmann, wood

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