Sven Začek - fog before sunrise


A calm moment before sunrise with foggy bog pools. This is the only moment to escape the masses of mosquitos. They arrive just half an hour after sunrise and go to sleep an hour after sunset. Man, I wish I had the energy to fly around all day and only rest for two hours. I would see a lot more sunrises and sunsets.

Location: Estonia

Tags: bog, bog pools, fog, panorama, sunrise, sven zacek

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  1. Jost Stergarsek said:

    18/06/2013 09:41

    serene and soothing landscape ... i wish i was there!
    don't want to think about mosquitos though.

  2. Knut-Sverre Horn said:

    18/06/2013 09:44

    I like the way you leave the sky rather bright. With HDR everywhere these days, most photographers render the skies dark and oversaturated, with little or no resemblance to what they actually saw. This is light and optimistic, as it should be when a new spring day os on its way.

  3. Susanna Di Stefano said:

    18/06/2013 12:35

    Am I dreaming?
    I agree with the previous comments, I wish I was there... dreamy landscape.

  4. Kjetil S said:

    18/06/2013 20:16

    Really, really nice this one !