Oriol Alamany - Staring at me


Sometimes, when I am walking in a deep forest I feel as if someone is looking at me. This morning it was true, a young Stoat in a beech pyrenean forest.

Location: Pyrenees, Catalonia, Spain

Tags: aran valley, beech, catalonia, ermine, forest, green, lleida, mammal, oriol alamany, Pyrenees, Spain, spring, stoat, vertebrate, young

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  1. Adolfo Díez said:

    10/06/2013 12:03

    Hola Oriol, el retrato transmite perfectamente ese hábitat de bosque profundo y húmedo que comentas, me parece una foto muy íntima. El toque de las manchas de color amarillo tras la cabeza del animal enmarcándolo le dan un valor especial que aparece cuando llevas un rato mirando la imagen.

  2. Werner said:

    10/06/2013 13:24

    So cute!

  3. Bruno said:

    10/06/2013 15:03

    Fantastic one, Oriol! Not easy to get an intimate shot of this restless animals... and especially in the darkness of a forest! Hat off!

  4. Judy Royal Glenn said:

    12/06/2013 22:43

    Great shot! Cute as pie:)

  5. Johan Van Hoof said:

    30/11/2014 16:04

    WOW !!! I like your set of Stoat picture on your website alot ! Had the luck to see two of them in the wild myself, the first one was to fast and the second one too close (500mm cannot focus at subjects closer than 4m) :-)

    Kind Regards