Bruno D'Amicis - Spring light


Spring 2013 in Abruzzo will be remembered as one of the coldest and rainiest ever. The lush and colors of the beechwood foliage have been so vivid though to bring tears to my eyes. In this image, a stich of several horizontal shots, a ray of light breaks through the clouds and reaches one of my most beloved places: the pristine beech forest of at the foothills of Mount of Valle Caprara in the Abruzzo National Park. A wild place where I have been roaming free for almost two decades and which the definition of “forest” doesn’t give much justice… Much better, in my opinion, the more meaningful Latin word of “silva”, a dark and wild wood.

Location: Abruzzi, Italy

Tags: abruzzi, apennines, bruno damicis, forest, green, light, mountains, spring

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  1. Zoltan Nagy said:

    05/06/2013 08:38

    Beautiful landscape and great photograph! I love how the sun lights up the scene.

  2. Armando Maniciati said:

    05/06/2013 13:59

    Fantastica Bruno, complimenti.
    Magnificent photo!!!

  3. Tony said:

    05/06/2013 21:36

    Lovely panorama, great composition. I love the sections of light and shade. Very beautiful landscape and photograph.