Werner Bollmann - Tundra Performance


Watching the nocturnal display of the Great Snipe belongs to the most outstanding experiences I ever had as a nature photographer. These birds are amazing. The males gather on certain places of the lek, mostly little mounds or tussocks, by late evening. They ruffle their feathers, blow up their breasts and start calling and singing with so many different sounds and melodies, from clicking like a table tennis ball to the complex song of a songbird. Absolutely unique! Unfortunately this spectacle on the Tundra can be experienced less and less often, because the population of this little wader is heavily decreasing in recent years.

Location: Norway

Tags: display, gallinago media, great snipe, lek, Norway, tundra, wader, werner bollmann

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  1. Bruno said:

    04/06/2013 12:37

    Fantastic one, Werner! I love the even light and the color cast of the Scandinavian night... I have witnessed the display once in the Polish Biebrza marshes, but was far away to obtain anything like this.

  2. Tony said:

    05/06/2013 00:56

    Beautiful portrait of this bird...Lovely soft , subtle colours and sharp details of the bird. A lovely and fascinating photograph. And thankyou for the detailed description...