Roy Mangersnes - Where is he heading?


In 2007 a total of 13 Rhinos were killed in South-Africa. Then a renown politician in Vietnam announced on national TV that he was using Rhino horn to control his chronic illness. The demand exploded and already in 2008 a total of 83 Rhinos were killed. From then it we have witnessed a horrible escalation of the slaughter of this magnificent animal. In 2012 we had to see another 668 Rhinos wiped out in South-Africa alone. The numbers from other countries are unclear but in the last years we have seen sub-species disappearing from Asian and African countries. Only a few weeks ago the last Rhino in Mozambique were shot dead. Last week I was lucky to photograph a healthy population of White Rhinos in South-Africa, but constantly I had the numbers in the back of my mind…, 367 rhinos slaughtered in the country already in May. Where are we heading with this? Where is the Rhino heading?

Location: South-Africa

Tags: roy mangersnes, South Africa, White Rhino

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  1. Luciano said:

    02/06/2013 08:55

    Very sad.

  2. Ulf R. Amundsen said:

    02/06/2013 17:15

    Very sad indeed, and it makes me extremely angry.

  3. Kjetil S said:

    02/06/2013 20:46

    This makes for a sad read, and it is frankly outrageous and unacceptable! The picture carries the message but the numbers you list are sobering indeed!
    This should be brought to the newspapers, the activists, the politicians... and to the people, so we can learn and see what our behavior does to nature... and the worst action is probably indifference. Keep up posting stories like this Roy - it is worth it!

  4. Jost Stergarsek said:

    03/06/2013 14:01

    sad but true! and the saddest is the fact that we call ourselves intelligent beings despite being unable to overcome a single superstition ... which unfortunately is deadly for the magnificent beings like rhino and tiger! i am so embarassed being a human right now ...