Bruno D'Amicis - Bear shadow


On a evening in May, after a long day of waiting and when hope was already lost, His majesty, the endangered Marsican brown bear, made his appearance in the mountain meadow. Unfortunately, the sun had already already set since a while and light was fading quickly; soon I could barely distinguish the outline of the bear. As there was no chance for a sharp picture, I started experimenting a little, which is something I rarely have the luxury to do with skittish Italian wildlife. The camera autofocus was useless; the viewfinder was almost completely dark and so I focused manually on a bright stone near the bear and blindly panned the lens as this moved. What came out are some noisy and blurred images, of course, which don’t give justice to the animal itself but surely represent more faithfully my perception of that lucky encounter.

Location: Abruzzi, Italy

Tags: abruzzi, apennines, brown bear, bruno damicis, endangered, italy, marsicanus, mountains, night, ursus arctos, wilderness, winter

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  1. Kjetil S said:

    20/05/2013 18:10

    Although details are lost, I think this captures the spirit of the animal as it moves with determination into the night. An original approach and well done in my view!