Roy Mangersnes - My land


Today is the Norwegian National Day. This is the day we celebrate our constitution and our great nation. I feel privileged to be born in Norway, in so many ways. We have our freedom and stability, we have a secure economy with jobs for everyone and we have plenty of space and unspoiled nature. So today we celebrate how lucky we are…, but are we taking all this for granted? Do we really know how lucky we are, and what obligations follow with this privilege? I think not. Over and over again we see how economic growth and wealth rampage our natural heritage to feed our constant need for more and more – and we end up with less.

Location: Telemark, Norway

Tags: fog, Norway, roy mangersnes, Telemark

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  1. Oriol said:

    17/05/2013 09:07

    Thank you for sharing your love to your beautiful country. When looking at your picture and reading your explanation, I cannot avoid feeling a little bit envious... I like the lights of your picture.

  2. Kjetil S said:

    20/05/2013 18:15

    "Troll"-like atmosphere - no wonder how fairytales and folklore have developed over the centuries - and long before cameras were invented to capture a second of what must have been an awesome change in scenery here... keep it up!

  3. Finnur P. Fróðason said:

    21/05/2013 12:44

    Gratulerer med dagen - It is so true what you say