Theo Bosboom - Dewdrops on caterpillar


Extreme close up of a caterpillar (Malacosoma castrensis) with dewdrops, taken in the early morning after a cold night in the Veluwe nature area. The picture was taken with the MP-E 65 from Canon, that allows a magnification from 1 to 5 times lifesize. It is a difficult lens to work with, because a tiny bit of wind will already ruin your picture. Still I really love the creative possibilities it provides and I intend to use it more often this summer.

Location: Veluwe, the Netherlands

Tags: caterpillar, close-up, dew, dewdrops, Holland, macro, Malacosoma castrensis, the Netherlands, Theo Bosboom, Veluwe

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  1. Adolfo DÍEZ said:

    11/05/2013 13:06

    MP-E 65 should be a incredible objective, I have never used it but it must be hard to use. Your picture is wonderful, I really like it. Theo, what combination of tripod and head do you use when you are working with 65 MP-E?

  2. Kjetil S said:

    11/05/2013 14:27

    Splendid capture indeed!

  3. Theo said:

    11/05/2013 20:16

    Thanks Adolfo and Kjetil. I used a Gitzo 1348 tripod with Gitzo 1278 ballhead and Novoflex focusing rail for this picture. But the Gitzo ballhead was not good with heavy weights, so I changed to a Arca Swiss Z1 balhead some time ago, which is much steadier.

  4. Stefan Gerrits said:

    11/05/2013 20:27

    Heel gaaf Theo. Prachtig detail, krachtige lens, geweldig oog.

  5. Adolfo DÍEZ said:

    11/05/2013 22:45

    Thank you for the information Theo!

  6. Iker said:

    12/05/2013 00:05

    Impressive image!! The drops, the contrasts, the colours, the animal... perfect!!

  7. Jost Stergarsek said:

    13/05/2013 08:12

    great! disco caterpillar :)