Sandra Bartocha - Delicate


I always say … that birches are my favourite trees. When I’m photographing beech trees … I say the same. 🙂 I believe I love trees in general but birches and beeches the most. It’s the way they form structure and patterns … the bark and the elegant colours …
Oh man … I believe I’m really deep in … 🙂

Location: Germany

Tags: betula, birches, forest, light, sandra bartocha, spring

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  1. Beata Moore said:

    21/04/2013 11:24

    That is a truly a magnificent picture! I have been following you for some time and all your pictures are great, but perhaps, because it is a birch tree (which I love) and perhaps because the light here is so fabulous, this one for me, is outstanding!

  2. Knut-Sverre Horn said:

    21/04/2013 12:04

    You sure know how to handle the light, Sandra. Love it.

  3. Siegfried said:

    21/04/2013 18:05

    Again awesome picture!

  4. Adolfo DÍEZ said:

    21/04/2013 19:59

    Nice light and colors, intimate

  5. Sandra said:

    21/04/2013 23:32

    Thanks guys. :)

  6. Mike Chase said:

    22/04/2013 17:55

    Outstanding capture.