Jaak Põder - European White Waterlily


I’m not lying much if I say that this flower has been in somewhat cult status in Estonia. There are companies and other institutions named after it, not something a lot of flowers can brag about here. They have a big blossom in Estonian standards and because of them growing in colonies on lake or stream shores they are very visible and a breathtaking sight also. There are only 2 variants of White Waterlily growing here so it is not very easy to mix it with any other flower. Sometimes the pink variant might raise some questions, but you can be pretty sure it’s White Waterlily – the only truly similar water flower that grows in our waters is Yellow Waterlily.

I think one more belief has some role in its popularity. Waterlily was believed to grow only in unpolluted water. So it was believed that if you see a waterlily you know the water it grows in is pure. This unfortunately is not totally true, waterlily can endure polluted waters pretty OK if there are enough nutrients and other conditions are decent. So it is not an absolute angel even if it looks like one.

Location: Leigo, Estonia

Tags: jaak poder, leigo järvemuusika, nymphaea alba, summer, vesiroos

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