With so many images of winter and cold, let my show you a warm image of the Southern Hemisphere I took this fall. A wild dingo stops a while when patrolling along Fraser island Seventy-Five Mile beach to look at the sun rising over the sea. I was some days in the island following these wild dogs and this was a peaceful and beautiful moment.

Location: Fraser Island, Australia

Tags: australia, canid, canis familiaris dingo, dingo, fraser, island, mammal, oriol alamany, queensland, sunrise

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  1. Dennis Murray said:

    28/03/2013 10:37

    Lovely, the Dingo in Australia is in great danger of becoming extinct, the farmers are dropping the poison 1080 from planes.

  2. Sally Willmot said:

    23/10/2013 06:27

    Hi, I was wondering if you'd mind if I used part of this photograph in a painting? Of course I will credit the original to you.