Bruno D'Amicis - Cold


On February 2012 here in Abruzzo we had some of the coldest days that I have ever experienced in my life. Breath freezing on the camera LCD; numb fingers inside two layers of warm gloves. The morning I took this picture the temperature was -26°C, whilst the same day elsewhere in Abruzzo it reached -39°C. These might be common figures for the friends and colleagues who live and work in Northern Europe and in the Arctic, but, believe me, they are quite unusual for the center of the Mediterranean. With this last winter image, I want to say goodbye to the beloved cold season and welcome the spring days that are around the corner.

Location: Abruzzi, Italy

Tags: abruzzi, bruno damicis, cold, italy, Landscape, mood, mountains, snow, sunrise, winter

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  1. Lucy Corrander said:

    20/03/2013 09:47

    That is an absolutely wonderful and striking picture. I'm glad I don't have to experience such cold - but very glad to see such an image through your camera.

  2. Carlos Acín said:

    20/03/2013 12:53

    Great! Love the cold and warm tones.
    Kind regards!

  3. Tony said:

    21/03/2013 00:32

    Lovely colours. I love the sun shining on the trees. I have never experienced such cold temperatures before, although I love the frost and snow clinging to the trees.