Roy Mangersnes - Lone bull


I just returned from a three day trip to Dovrefjell National Park, where Musk Oxen in winter landscapes were my main target. This time, however, I went with a slightly different approach. Normally I bring my biggest “gun” to get the intimate portraits of these ice age giants (see my previous Musk Ox images on the blog). These fascinating creatures live in one of the most beautiful national parks of Norway, and this my focus. I used nothing but a 70-200mm and a 16-35mm and worked with the landscape as it was presented to me. This was very rewarding in many ways. Firstly my sled was a lot lighter…, but also I was much more relaxed and focused on the scene in front of me while working. I also think I have a greater variety, and storytelling images, then I normally do in such a shoot, and more “keepers” for my archives. I should do this more often!

Location: Norway

Tags: Dovrefjell, mountain, Musk Oxen, roy mangersnes, winter

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  1. Wayne Marinovich said:

    17/03/2013 12:47

    Well it worked Roy. Great photo

  2. Carlos Acin said:

    17/03/2013 23:16

    I agree totally with your point of view for this work, in fact, just did a story on the chamois, Rupicapra rupicapra, following this same method of work, especially because I was interested in showing the animal in its habitat, and the close up on many occasions, although very powerful, decontextualized the animal from its environment. Here you can see some of these pictures

    PS: I would love to see more pictures of those three days in Dovrefjell!

    Kind regards.