Roy Mangersnes - Diamond of the north


Many of the wintering ducks of northern Norway are stunningly beautiful, like the King Eider, Stellers’ Eider and even the Common Eider. Still I believe my favorite is the Long-tailed Duck. In Norway it is probably the more widespread of the mentioned ducks, but still I find it stunning. The black and white plumage is almost sparkling like a diamond when the bird is sliding across a nice reflective surface on the icy cold waters of Finnmark.

Location: Finnmark, Norway

Tags: Arctic, Long-tailed Duck, Roy Magersnes

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  1. David Guimaraes said:

    02/03/2013 13:51

    I've already said it, but I will say it once again; The best photograph ever on Clangula (one of my favourite ducks)!
    Great, great image! Congratulations for it!

  2. Roy said:

    02/03/2013 17:39

    This is actually a different image David, but the same light and reflection. Happy to hear you like it :-)

  3. Phil Johnston said:

    06/03/2013 01:26

    Beautifully captured Roy. Love the exposure.

  4. Roy said:

    13/03/2013 08:15

    Thank you Phil!