Oriol Alamany - Failed picture?


Several years ago I made a long journey around South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia. While visiting the Namib Desert I could not shake the thought of Jim Brandenburg classic picture of an Oryx walking over the big sand dunes. But although I saw some Oryxes, they were always far away and never on the dunes. A little bit frustrated I gave no value to the photographs I made. But now, looking to my slides files I found this picture and think it’s not so bad, although the concept is totally different from the picture that I had in my mind years ago.

Location: Namib desert, Namibia

Tags: Africa, antelope, contrast, desert, gazella, light, namib, namibia, oriol alamany, oryx

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  1. Carlos Acín said:

    25/02/2013 11:59

    Oriol you has perfectly expressed the idea of the "frustration" of a photo didn't shoot, while your image and text is an example of how critics we are sometimes with our own pictures, and that, at some point, that excess criticism could turn against us. The excellent picture that you show us is the proof of this, it is not the one you had in your mind but is a wonderful photo of the Orix in its habitatrix, and the low light and gives the special atmosphere.

    Thanks and regards.

    Oriol has expresado perfectamente la idea de la "frustración" de la foto no realizada, y al mismo tiempo tu imagen y texto es el ejemplo de lo críticos que somos a veces con nuestras propias fotos, y de que en algún momento ese exceso de crítica nos puede jugar una mala pasada. La excelente foto que nos presentas es la muestra de ello, pues no es la que tenías en tu mente pero es una magnifica fotografía del Orix en su hábitat y la luz baja le da la ambientación especial.

    Gracias y un saludo.

  2. David Guimarães said:

    26/02/2013 23:53

    I don't about other people, but I wouldn't call this a failed picture! I woul call it a great picture!
    Um abraço Português!