Sandra Bartocha - Winter Forest


Another image of my favourite forest at the Baltic Sea … the “Gespensterwald” …
It’s most beautiful in winter with snow.

Location: Nienhagen, Germany

Tags: beeches, forest, haunted forest, oaks, sandra bartocha, spooky forest, winter

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  1. Lucy Corrander said:

    24/02/2013 08:41

    How very, very, very beautiful!

  2. João Petronilho said:

    24/02/2013 09:46

    Another magic picture. The white of the snow and the brown and green colours of the trees make a beautiful "amplexus"!!

  3. Hans Schön said:

    24/02/2013 11:09

    Very strong impression, Sandra!

  4. David Guimarães said:

    27/02/2013 00:02

    After attendind to your Vouzela's workshop, I was completety assured about my feelings towards you and your work, and if I may say it, you are no longer (perhaps you never were) a wildlife or nature photographer! You are something much bigger and deeper than this; you are a true Artist, at it's best! An Artist that like many others enjoy nature as an inspiring muse...I think that sometime in the future I'll say to my children, (like Reuben said it on "Ocean's thirteen", but abou Sinatra): "I shoke Bartocha's hand!"

  5. ENZO said:

    27/02/2013 11:41

    it is an ok picture, but João Petronilho why do you compare it to pseudocopulation in amphibia?

  6. Sandra said:

    28/02/2013 17:25

    Thanks all. And thanks David. Too kind. ;-)

  7. João Petronilho said:

    28/02/2013 19:25

    Hello Enzo! In Portuguese we write, say and use the word AMPLEXO to define the characteristic embrace between male and female during mating amphibians. Its meaning is embrace. I used the word "amplexus" - which is the Latin form of action to embrace - to poetically express what I felt when seeing the picture of Sandra. For me it is indeed a union of tones and a state of spirit that I can feel when the image comes into my retina. It's a kind of magic that sometimes I can not explain with common words. And sometimes just feel it in silence, trying to imagine the "karma" of the place where the photo was taken.
    With greetings from Mira, Portugal.

  8. Rainer Brockhaus said:

    25/04/2013 11:18

    All your photos are something special, like this one...