Emmanuel Boitier - Aurora borealis


One of the first auroras of my life, taken in the little town of Ekkerøy, in the far north (the Thule realm). It’s very a pleasant sensation to sleep in such houses, under one of the most beautiful thing of our world.

Location: Varanger, Norway

Tags: Arctic, aurora borealis, Emmanuel Boitier, light, night, Norway, Varanger

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  1. Lauri Koivuluoma said:

    15/02/2013 12:26

    Congratulations from one of the first auroras in your life! Nice to see that you've taken the houses to photo because of then you can understand how "big" those auroras is. ;) Really good photo at all!

  2. Susann said:

    15/02/2013 15:34

    This is so unbelievable beautiful!
    Saw them last year in norway for the first time. Such an inspiring experience!

  3. Jill said:

    16/02/2013 01:10


  4. Emmanuel said:

    16/02/2013 22:13

    Thanks to all!