Bruno D'Amicis - Winter eagle


On a snowy December day, while I was driving in a mountain gorge, I parked my car for a reason that now I can’t recall. When I looked up, I saw the unmistakable shape of a golden eagle in the sky. I barely had the time to take my longest lens in my hands and document this brief encounter with this majestic bird flying in the heavy snowfall.

Location: Abruzzi, Italy

Tags: abruzzo, aquila chrysaetos, bruno damicis, golden eagle, mountains, snow, winter

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  1. Dieter said:

    05/02/2013 18:46

    Very impressiv, epic, stunnig!
    Congratulations on this picture.

  2. Oriol Alamany said:

    05/02/2013 20:46

    That's real nature photography at his best!

  3. Frank said:

    06/02/2013 10:20

    White island... wow... this is wonderful... @_@

  4. David GuimarĂ£es said:

    10/02/2013 16:53

    Great image!