Roy Mangersnes - Sally Lightfoot


In my opinion, one of the most interesting species to work on in Galapagos were the Sally Lightfoot Crab. This medium size crustacean pretty much covered the lava rocks in the tidal zone and gave some amazing photographic opportunities. At this point I was waiting in the surf while the rest of my group was snorkeling nearby, just looking for the picture I wanted. The surf was rather small, but every other wave came over the rocks were the crabs were feeding. By using a small aperture and adding a polarizer to my lens I was able to slow the water down for the effect I was after, a “painting” of this colorful crab in the surf.

Location: Galapagos

Tags: Galapagos, roy mangersnes, Sally Lightfoot Crab

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  1. David GuimarĂ£es said:

    10/02/2013 16:57

    I really like this shot, the colours, the water movement, everything on it seems to be in the right place, and perhaps if I'll ever visit Galapagos islands, I' ll take semo time to photograph these nice and beautifull crabs!