Jaak Põder - Curiosity


This caterpillar of the Mottled Umber kept me company for quite a while one early summer evening. I tried some different shots with it and sometimes I moved either too much or too close so it froze like many caterpillars do when they feel threatened. Usually it resumed crawling after few moments but once it turned it’s face to me like trying to take a closer look on what is going on.

This pic has another value to me. That day was the only time so far that I managed to delete all the taken pictures on compact flash before getting them to the computer. I managed to salvage most of the files with the restoring software, but not all, some files were corrupted. This is the only corrupted picture file that had abnormal file size after restoring but does not show any visible problems on the picture itself. Saving this and few other photos from the caterpillar session made me a very happy person that day :).

Location: Estonia

Tags: butterfly, caterpillar, early summer, erannis defoliaria, insect, jaak poder, larva, moth, the mottled umber

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